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Latex Vacuum mask

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Hand Tailored latex vacuum mask

A new addition to our range. This latex Vacuum mask is hand tailored from soft flexible 0.38mm sheet rubber. The latex hood features a single medium size breath hole on the front allowing sufficient air to come in yet still providing a little resistance on exhale. As standard, our rubber vacuum mask comes with a rear zipper for easy entry or exit.
Offering outstanding value compared to other vendors, this latex two tone vacuum hood is hand tailored from soft 0.38mm sheet rubber for flexibility. A single medium size breath hole is situated to the front of the hood to allow air to be inhaled while offering a little resistance on the exhale allowing the translucent section of the rubber hood to inflate slightly.  As a safety precaution we have included a rear zipper for easier entry and exit on this hood. We also recommend a a partner of friend be present when wearing hoods of this type.