custom rubber catsuit for men

Latex custom Male Catsuit

Product Code CAT006
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Hand Tailored

This new addition to our range features a Male Catsuit with gloves, hood and socks with the added bonus of both a crotch zipper and shoulder zippers. This Catsuit is hand tailored from 0.4mm sheet latex and will be custom sized for you personally. (A detailed size chart will be emailed to you after purchase to ensure best fit).

NB: Catsuit and accessories are same colour. Contrast colours for the hood, socks etc are available upon request

This custom male latex catsuit comes with a variety of features. As well as a range of colour options including olive green and smokey transparent black and translucent as in our main image, the custom hand tailored cat suit comes with attached hood, gloves and socks with toes. Not only that, but we have included shoulder zippers along with a rear zipper running from back of neck through the crotch area for easier entry or exit. Please note, all accessories will be the same colour, contrast colours as in our main picture are available on request. For the best possible fit we will email you a detailed size chart for you to fill in one order is received.