full cover rubber cat suit

Full cover Catsuit

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Hand Tailored

This full body latex catsuit is available for both sexes. Hand tailored for you, this custom Cat Suit includes feet with toes, gloves and a hood with eyes, nose and mouth holes as well as a series of zipper options. Upon order we will send you a detailed sizing chart to tailor best fitting.
A unisex full body enclosed latex catsuit comprising of gloves, socks with toes and rubber hood with eye, nose and mouth openings all seamlessly glued from 100% pure sheet rubber. This custom latex cat suit has a variety of zipper options at no extra cost. Zipper options include either a front opening, a rear, and even a three way zipper which can run both back and front through the crotch. Upon order a detailed sizing chart will be emailed to you to fill in to ensure best possible fit