Latex clothing for Men
A wide range of hand tailored and moulded Latex clothing and rubber products for men include latex pants, rubber shirts, penis sheaths, dildo pants, gloves and much much more 
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An Anatomically shaped Latex Cock and Ball Sheath measuring 20cm in length
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Larger version of our men's moulded Latex Anatomical Cock and Ball Sheath.
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latex open tip penis sheath
A latex cock and ball sheath with open tip

Latex thin skin cock and ball sheath

Product Code X377A
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A hollow thin skin latex cock and ball sheath. Available in 3 colours


Find more mens latex penis sheaths and accessories like these in our latex toys department

Latex pouch pants

Product Code 014
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Hand Tailored latex underwear 

A sexy pair of tailor made rubber latex pouch pants for men in a choice of colours and sizes
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Hand made by latexclothing 

A hand designed pair of men's latex pants with hollow rubber penis sheath. Available in a selection of colours and sizes

Latex Erection Pants

Product Code 090
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Hand Tailored latex underwear 

This is a pair of Latex Erection Pants with integrated rubber ball sack and potens ring attached.
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Hand designed latex 

A pair of latex pouch pants with integrated hollow rear rubber penis sheath

Male latex pouch pants with rear medium solid buttplug

Product Code 056
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Hand Tailored by latex clothing 

A pair of latex pouch pants with a rear medium solid dildo attached

Latex penis sheath pants with Rear Sheath

Product Code 057
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Hand Tailored latex 

A pair of latex sheath pants with both a front and rear hollow rubber penis sheath. These fetish pants come with a reinforced waistband and are available in a variety of colours and sizes